Thursday, February 13, 2020

Gabriel out of action for indefinite period of time

Benfica Blog
Benfica announced yesterday that midfielder Gabriel will miss an indefinite amount of time and possibly the rest of the season due to a vision related issue as Gabriel has been diagnosed with sixth nerve palsy which is a disorder associated with the dysfunction of the cranial nerve which is responsible for causing contraction of the lateral rectus muscle to abduct (movement of the eye causing double vision). Gabriel informed the club the day after the Famalicao first leg Taca de Portugal encounter that he was having problems with the vision of his left eye. The club immediately began to run tests which are now complete and have ruled out more serious concerns but the players timeline to return to action is unknown as the club looks to avoid any additional risks by rushing Gabriel back into regular game action. Gabriel continues to attend club practices and do the physical work that he deems appropriate. This is the third time that the midfielder has been on the injured list since joining the club last summer having already suffered a knee injury last season and a ligament rupture earlier this season. Benfica will lean to Julian Weigl, Florentino, Samaris and Taarabt in the middle of the field with Gabriel's absence.

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