Monday, February 10, 2020

Benfica ask Portuguese Football Federation and Liga for foreign referees

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Benfica officials are furious with the officiating that they feel cost the club the game in their O Classico encounter against FC Porto over the weekend. Benfica feel the officiating crew of Artur Soares Dias made several errors during the game that lead to defeat and are asking the Portuguese Football Federation and Liga Portugal for foreign referees to officiate both clubs league games until the end of the season. Benfica also feel that VAR made an error on the penalty call against Ferro in the first half of the game that resulted in Porto taking a 2-1 lead. Benfica feel that five moments in particular during the game effected the result of the game:

1- At the 4 minute mark an aggressive play by Porto winger Marega against Taarabt which cost the player to lose teeth passed completely unscathed.

2- The club felt that the yellow card handed to Julian Weigl at the 30 minute mark should not have been given as the player failed to touch the Porto player who dove. Benfica also felt that the yellow cards given to almost all of the clubs midfielders in the first half which included Pizzi and Taarabt effected the clubs performance while only one Porto midfielder was carded in the half.

3- Benfica claim that the penalty awarded was unfair and images show that Tiquinho pushed Ferro away causing the player to fall forward with arms out causing the ball to be headed by the Porto striker into the players arm.

4- Benfica question the reasoning behind the yellow card received by keeper Vlachodimos at the 66 minute mark, as the player was pointed out that yellow golf balls were being tossed from the crowd towards the Benfica net.

5- Benfica were not happy to see the comradery between Porto defender Pepe and the fourth official.

Benfica officials were also not thrilled with the report that Portuguese newspaper Record printed that Rui Costa, Tiago Pinto and Bruno Lage congratulated the referee on his performance but the club states that all that was said was only a brief good night between all involved. Benfica are hoping that an answer from all associations to the clubs request will come quickly as the season continues with Week 21 less then 5 days away.

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  1. If foreign refs were working all the games since the start of the season these red devils wouldn't be in first place right now