Thursday, July 4, 2019

The breakdown of Joao Felix move to Atletico Madrid

Benfica forward Joao Felix has officially made his move from the Lisbon squad to Madrid to join Atletico, Benfica will receive a record breaking transfer fee of €126M, the highest transfer fee ever received by the club and for by any team in the Portuguese League. Atletico Madrid will pay Benfica €30M this season with the club receiving the remaining €96M in installment payments in the future. The additional €6M above Felix's €120M buyout clause is interest on the installment plan. Super agent Jorge Mendes will receive €12M from the deal while FC Porto who Felix spent time with in his youth before being released and joining Benfica will receive €1.2M. These costs will not be deducted from the money Benfica receives as Atletico will be responsible for covering them. Atletico have signed Felix to a seven year contract and have also added their highest buyout clause ever for a club player at €350M.

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