Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Fernando Santos does Goncalo Ramos disservice

Benfica Blog
Portugal manager Fernando Santos has led Portugal to another devastating loss in another crucial game once again after Portugal lost at home earlier today to Spain 1-0. This has become a recurring theme for the national side commencing after their 2019 UEFA Nations League title but the biggest head scratcher of the day was the disservice Santos gave to Benfica striker Goncalo Ramos.

Santos decided that it was the right call to not dress the 21 year old Ramos who is currently Portugal's highest goal scorer for club this season in a game that might just require Portugal to score a goal or two. Santos instead went with players that he was more familiar with, showing his loyalty, stubbornness and foolishness all by living on past morals.

I am not saying the Ramos should have started for Portugal today but a substitution into the game in the second half was more then warranted for a player who is currently in better form then any of his teammates. Ramos who has currently scored eight goals this season for Benfica while providing six assists has scored three more goals then the next closest player and is on par for assists with one other on the squad.

This alone should have given Santos the nerve to make sure the youngster was at least an option in a game that ultimately required a goal to move onto the tournaments final four stage but alas the choice made was bringing in Joao Felix who just three days ago was unfit to even dress for their game against the Czech Republic. Santos' has time to right his wrong with Ramos who may just be the nations first choice striker when the World Cup rolls around. We will all be watching.


  1. Jota , leao , Felix , ronaldo or play a rookie in one of your most important games of the season … cmon now

  2. Why not give it a try? I can see their point, with countries hardly playing any friendlies when do you try a player that has appeared for Portugal around 50 times? I bet with his play he scores on one of those chances Ronaldo missed. Did Horta not score in his first appearance?

  3. Th fact is this.... ronaldo is done. At this point it is embarrassing ... Santos entire team selection is embarrassing.... starting william? Not starting leao? All of it. Leaving ronaldo on the pitch for 90 minutes was a joke.