Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Benfica at the first International Break

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The first International break is upon us during the season and Benfica have already played 13 competitive games from the start of their Champions League qualifying campaign to their Champions League group stage games and seven weeks of league games in Portugal. Benfica under the tutelage of Roger Schmidt remain perfect for the season, winning all 13 of these games with an away win against Juventus included.

The season still has along long way to go but Benfica are currently in fine form to start the season and Benfica fans will hope that this form earns the club some much needed hardware this season when all is said and done. 

A look at some player stats from the first 13 games of the season

Most minutes played: 

Vlachodimos 1,170; Alex Grimaldo 1,161; Enzo Fernandez 1,111

Most goals scored: 

Goncalo Ramos 8; Rafa Silva 6; Joao Mario 5; David Neres 5

Most assists: 

Joao Mario 5; Goncalo Ramos 5; David Neres 5

Most yellow cards: 

Rafa Silva 4; Florentino 3; Otamendi 2; Goncalo Ramos 2

Most substitute appearances: 

Diogo Goncalves 8; Alexander Bah 7; Henrique Araujo 7

Most penalty kicks taken:

Joao Mario 4


These stats only include League and Champions League group stage

Total shots taken:

Rafa Silva 28; Goncalo Ramos 25; Enzo Fernandez 25

Total passes made:

Enzo Fernandez 870; Otamendi 594; Florentino 582

Total dribbles made:

Rafa Silva 46; David Neres 39; Joao Mario 26

Total interceptions made:

Florentino 23; Otamendo 23; Alex Grimaldo 13

Most Tackles:

Alex Grimaldo 25; Enzo Fernandez 25; Florentino 23

Blocked Shots:

Otamendi 4; Antonio Silva 3; Alexander Bah 2

Most Clearances Made:

Antonio Silva 23; Otamendi 18; Florentino 13

Man of the Match

Joao Mario 2; Alex Grimaldo 2; David Neres 2

League Player Ratings:

Joao Mario 7.63; David Neres 7.60; Alex Grimaldo 7.56

Champions League Player Ratings:

Rafa Silva 8.03; Alex Grimaldo 7.59; Enzo Fernandez 7.38


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