Sunday, October 13, 2019

RDT will be RDT again for Benfica

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Raul de Tomas will have his usual R.D.T. acronym on his Benfica jersey in the upcoming Taca de Portugal after UEFA denied the player the usage of the acronym during the clubs last Champions League game. R.D.T. came on as a substitute in Benfica's loss to Zenit with R. de Tomas on top of his familiar number 9 due to UEFA regulations which does not allow players to use acronyms in place of their name on the back of their jerseys. De Tomas who joined Benfica during this past summers transfer window from Real Madrid, has had a difficult time adjusting to life in Portugal and scored his first goal of the season in all competitive games that same Champions League game. As a Benfica fan I think I would advise De Tomas to scrap the R.D.T. and go with the R. de Tomas if that gets the striker to start regularly scoring for the club.

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