Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Benfica President back in Portugal to discuss contracts

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Benfica President Luis Filipe Vieira is back in Portugal after spending the past week in Angola with former players Luisao and Pedro Mantorras. LFV is set to announce a new contract with 20 year old youngster Jota and the club at some point over the next week and will then turn his attention to signing a new contract with left back Alex Grimaldo. Grimaldo has been with the club since the winter transfer window of 2016 and is a vital piece of Benfica's current squad. Grimaldo's current contract is set to expire in the summer of 2021 and Benfica are looking to add a two year extension with the player. 

Benfica then intend to discuss contract extensions with starting center backs Ruben Dias and Ferro. Benfica are hoping to increase Ruben Dias' buy out clause from the current €66M to at least €88M as some of Europe's bigger clubs circle the player. Benfica are also interested in increasing the buy out clause with current manager Bruno Lage who is signed until the summer of 2023 but currently holds a buy out clause of only €10M and of course the better the club performs the more interest outside clubs will have in acquiring Lage for there own clubs. LFV has a busy few weeks ahead as he looks to protect the clubs assets when the time comes to seek financial reward.

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