Friday, June 7, 2024

Benfica - Player Grades - Midfielders & Coach

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Grading Benfica player performances during the 2023-24 season, I am only looking at players that played at some point for the club this season and are still members of Benfica's squad at this time. 

The grade scale goes from A to F with A being the best grade and F the worst grade a player can receive.

Lets get to our player reviews for Midfielders:

Florentino Luis The hard nosed defensive midfielder provided exactly what you expected of him in the role he is assigned. Is never going to provide much offensively but the club's best defensive midfielder and it is not even close.


Joao Neves - The kid was awesome this season, did everything he was asked and then some. His season was so grand that he is likely to finish in the top tier of the golden boy award and could even win it with a terrific Euro 2024. The key is can the club hold onto him for at least one more season. Let's hope so.


Orkun Kokcu - He started off slowly as it took some time to adjust to a new role thrown his way but in the games that he did shine it was because he was slotted in his preferred central attacking role. More is expected of Kokcu next season and the club will need him to deliver.


Joao Mario - He took a step back this season on the offensive side of the ball as he scored 33.3% of his goals off a hat trick in Champions League action but he could still be counted on to run and provide tight marking on opponents when required.


Roger Schmidt - Schmidt became public enemy number one on the fans list this season, after a very disappointing performance from a club that on paper was the best in the league. The club captured just one trophy and that took place in August 2023. His lack of trust in his bench players and stubbornness to make in game adjustments proved costly this season. Look for Schmidt to be on a short leash during the 2024-25 campaign.



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