Monday, May 13, 2024

Benfica ready for new discussions with PSV for left back

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Roger Schmidt wants reinforcements at Benfica for next season and is looking at former club PSV for a new starting left back. Schmidt had already asked Benfica upon his arrival for PSV wingback Mauro Junior, but the price tag at the time was higher than Benfica was comfortable paying.

After a season when the club struggled to find a regular left back after the departure of starter Alex Grimaldo during the summer. Schmidt is hoping that the club will land his preferred choice all along in the 25 year old Brazilian left back.

With Junior's contract set to end in the summer of 2025, the Dutch club could be more inclined to move the left back for a lower value to avoid him walking for free. Junior has been at PSV since the summer of 2017 and has appeared in 124 games across all competitions.

Benfica should do what it takes to get a reliable left back after the carousal of left backs that were used this season. Benfica used a total of six different players at some point throughout the season, with many playing out of position. The club will need to make sure they hit on this move, as it will be important to succeed next season.

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