Sunday, February 4, 2024

Did Benfica say Yes to the Super League?

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According to Barcelona President Joao Laporta, Benfica is one of the clubs that is open to joining a newly created European Super League that will look to challenge UEFA's Champions League as the premier soccer club competition in Europe.

Laporta spoke to Spanish radio station RAC1 late last week and was optimistic that the Super League would get off the ground in the next year or two and named Benfica as one of three Portuguese clubs, with Sporting and FC Porto the others.

Benfica have not commented on Laporta's remarks at this time and it is unknown if they actually will. We can clearly see what could have Benfica interested in joining the breakaway league and that is money, loads and loads of money being promised to clubs by the league's organizers.

Will the Super League happen? That is a great question, but with only Barcelona and Real Madrid committing to the league, we are a long way from knowing what that answer might be.

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