Thursday, November 2, 2023

Could Goncalo Guedes be the answer up front for Benfica

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Goncalo Guedes, the 26 year old Portuguese talent, could just be the answer up front for Benfica, who have struggled to score goals consistently this season, especially in Champions League play.

While primarily deployed as a winger, there is growing speculation about whether he could be the answer to Benfica's search for a reliable striker after featuring in the role in the club's Taca da Liga encounter earlier this week and not looking out of place.

Guedes possesses all the attributes required to excel in a central role. His pace and agility allow him to outmaneuver defenders, while his excellent ball control and dribbling skills make him a nightmare for opposition defenses. Moreover, Guedes has shown great composure in front of goal throughout his career, displaying an innate ability to find the back of the net.

Furthermore, Guedes' versatility makes him an ideal candidate for the striker role. He can seamlessly switch positions with other attacking players and create space for himself or his teammates. This adaptability would give Benfica's attack an added dimension and keep opposition defenses guessing.

Guedes has all the potential to be Benfica's answer up front in the striker role. His skill set combined with his versatility make him an exciting option up front, and after coming back from two knee surgeries in the past year, the 26 year old may finally regaining his health to become the solution to the club's on going woes.


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