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Benfica Fantasy Football 2023/24 Preview

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The UEFA Champions League is the pinnacle of club football, where the best teams from across Europe battle it out for glory Benfica, one of Portugal's most successful clubs, has a rich history in this prestigious competition. Over the years, they have produced some exceptional fantasy football players who have left an indelible mark on the tournament. 

Here are our player previews for the upcoming fantasy football season.

Anatoliy Trubin - Trubin is undoubtedly a valuable asset. His consistent performances make him an excellent choice for any team manager looking to secure points through clean sheets and saves. Moreover, with Benfica drawn into a challenging group this season, there will be ample opportunities for Trubin to showcase his skills against top-class opposition.

Alexander Bah - Bah is undoubtedly a player worth considering. His consistent performances and potential for goal contributions make him an attractive option for fantasy managers looking to maximize their points tally. Additionally, his relatively low price compared to other star players provides an opportunity for budget management within fantasy teams.

Nico Otamendi - Otamendi offers immense value. Known for his aerial dominance and physicality, he poses a constant threat during set-pieces and can contribute with goals or assists. Additionally, he led last season's Champions League in ball retrievals, making him an attractive option for points accumulation.

Antonio Silva - In terms of statistics, Silva was consistently one of Benfica's top performers last season. He had a number of highlights that influenced the clubs run both domestically and in the Champions League, finishing in the Top 10 in ball retrievals and it is why he should be considered a valuable addition to any fantasy football squad.

Juan Bernat - Bernat is a valuable asset due to his consistent performances and potential for attacking returns. He often finds himself involved in goal-scoring opportunities and has even contributed with assists on several occasions. Moreover, his defensive capabilities make him an attractive option as he has frequently earned clean sheet points from his time at Bayern Munich and PSG and hopes to continue that at Benfica.

Fredrik Aursnes Aursnes' versatility adds another dimension to his game. He can seamlessly transition between defensive and attacking roles, adapting to different strategies employed by opponents. This adaptability makes him an unpredictable force that keeps defenders on their toes and this provides him the opportunity to be a good addition to any squad.

Joao Neves - Neves offers an attractive package. His consistent involvement in Benfica's attacking plays ensures that he will accumulate points through assists and goals. Additionally, his work rate guarantees a high number of successful tackles and interceptions which contribute to defensive bonus points.

Florentino Luis - Luis offers a unique opportunity for managers to gain valuable points. His defensive contributions often go unnoticed on the score sheet but are crucial for his team's success. With an impressive interception rate and exceptional tackling ability, he can earn points even without scoring goals or providing assists as he finished fourth among all Champions League midfielders in ball retrieval during last seasons campaign.

Orkun Kokcu - Kokcu is an excellent choice for any team manager looking to gain an edge in their league. His ability to contribute both defensively and offensively makes him a valuable asset. With his precise passing and dribbling skills, he can create scoring opportunities for his teammates while also being a goal-scoring threat himself.

Joao Mario - Joao Mario is an excellent choice due to his consistent performances. He regularly contributes with assists and goals while also accumulating points through interceptions and successful tackles. Joao Mario led the club in scoring in last seasons edition and moreover, with Benfica expected to progress further in the competition, he will have ample time to make his mark again.

Rafa Silva - Silva's versatility on the field makes him a valuable asset for any fantasy football team. Whether deployed as a winger or an attacking midfielder, he consistently delivers exceptional performances. His ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates while also being a goal threat himself makes him an ideal choice for fantasy managers. Rafa finished last season in the Top 5 when it came to shot attempts on goal.

Angel di Maria - First and foremost, Di Maria's ability to create chances and provide assists makes him an invaluable asset in any fantasy team. His vision and passing range allow him to unlock defenses with ease, resulting in numerous goal-scoring opportunities for his teammates. Furthermore, his speed and dribbling skills make him a constant threat on the counter-attack, often leading to goals or penalties won. Di Maria possesses a powerful left foot that has produced some stunning stikes.

David Neres - Neres' attacking prowess makes him a valuable asset for any fantasy football team. His ability to dribble past defenders effortlessly and create scoring opportunities for his teammates sets him apart from other players. Furthermore, his impressive goal-scoring record demonstrates his lethal finishing abilities. Neres is currently not a regular in the starting XI but that could change.

Goncalo Guedes - Known for his lightning-fast pace and impeccable dribbling skills, Guedes possesses the ability to leave defenders in his wake. His agility and quick decision-making make him a nightmare for opposing teams' back lines. Moreover, his versatility allows him to play across various attacking positions, making him an asset for any team. Guedes is set to return from a knee injury suffered in March.

Petar Musa - Petar Musa is undoubtedly one of Benfica's most exciting prospects for this year's Champions League campaign. His natural ability to score goals combined with his versatility make him an attractive choice for fantasy football managers worldwide. However, it remains to be seen how he will fare against some of Europe's best defenders and if he will hold his place in the starting XI.

Arthur Cabral - Fantasy managers should keep an eye on Cabral as he possesses all the qualities required to be a top scorer in this prestigious competition. His attacking prowess coupled with Benfica's style of play makes him an excellent choice for any fantasy team looking to secure valuable points. Arthur is currently not the clubs first choice striker but the newly acquired striker may just need some time to adapt to the club.

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