Friday, March 3, 2023

Benfica could play meaningful games in Boston, Toronto or Paris

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There are reports coming out from a recent meeting held by Liga Portugal that starting during the 2024/25 season the league is open to changing the current format of the Taca da Liga championship to feature only the top four first division clubs from the previous season. The proposal would also include taking a long look at taking the tournament abroad in what would turn into a week long event promoting the games.

This is great news for Benfica fans who reside all over the globe in large communities and do not always have the means to travel to Portugal to catch their favourite club live in action. The Taca da Liga competition can turn to Boston, USA; San Jose, USA; Toronto, Canada; Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland which all have large Portuguese communities to host the competition.

Benfica have won this competition seven times since its inception in 2007, which is the most titles won by any team with their last title coming during the 2015/16 season. Benfica would of course have to finish in the top four to be a part of this potential event but it finally shows that the league is thinking outside the box.


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