Thursday, July 28, 2022

Benfica interest in Ricardo Horta remains

Benfica Blog
Benfica are still intent on landing Braga winger Ricardo Horta but financial terms have yet to be agreed to between the two Portuguese league clubs who are still far apart in price. Benfica are said to be willing to offer Braga €10M plus the services of two players for Horta, while Braga insist on at least €20M plus players to consider moving the 27 year old this summer.

Braga President Antoine Salvador spoke early today and said that although Malaga owns a higher percentage of Horta's playing rights, it is Braga that decides what the price tag to let the player go will be. Horta currently has a €30M buy out clause but is said to have an agreement with the club to allow him to move if the club receives at least €20M for his services.

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