Thursday, June 16, 2022

Benfica has earned €450M in the past four seasons

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Benfica continue to cash in on their top players and with the latest sale of striker Darwin Nunez earlier this week, the club can claim to have now earned €450M from the departures over the past four seasons. With the summer window still open we can expect the club to top the €500M mark with the movement of a few other pieces from last seasons team.

The sale of Joao Felix and Darwin Nunez accounts for 44% of the clubs earnings in this time span, with Felix joining Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2020 for a club record €127.2M and Nunez moving for €75M which still does not include potential add ons that would see the deal grow to the €100M mark.

In the same span, Benfica have spent €223.5M acquiring players, with Jorge Jesus' return in the summer of 2021 accounting for over 50% of buys, in what turned into a costly miss at the club who spent a season record of €120M. Benfica will continue to profit from their most valuable players after every season but it would be nice to know what their results just might be if the club was able to hang onto their players for just a little while longer.

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