Sunday, January 30, 2022

Benfica a shadow of their former selves

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Benfica are Benfica in name only, the club is a shadow of it's former self, the self that we all became accustomed to over the past few seasons that saw the club capture 18 trophies in Portugal from 2010 to 2019 as well as make the Europa League final on two occasions. The past two games in the Taca da Liga was the evidence of how far this club has fallen from those glory days.

Benfica under performed to such a drastic level that I fear what awaits the club when the take on Ajax next month on the Champions League round of 16. Jorge Jesus wrecked what was left of this club and although unfair to paint current intern manager Nelson Verissimo in the same boat, we can say he is far from an improvement and his appointment alone tells us that the club hierarchy has given up on the season, so too shall we.

Changes at Benfica are needed from the players all the way to the top, the club needs a new direction, a new manager with a vision and a set of new players that have not only a passion for winning but a passion for the crest that sits atop their heart. Benfica are now a club in search of an identity and that identity can start to begin next season with the appointment of a manager. The fans who are the life line of the club deserve better, we deserve a club that gives it their all even if the outcome is not to our liking. Is that too much to ask? 

The passion we need, the will to win and the fortitude to not lose, forward to 3:08 and 7:10 to see the goals and what we are currently lacking.


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