Saturday, December 11, 2021

Benfica raking in the dough in Champions League

Benfica Blog
Benfica's win over Dynamo Kiev earlier this week and the clinching of a spot in the Champions League round of 16 sees the club near an all time high for earnings in the UEFA competition. Benfica have earned €54.3M to date in the competition, only surpassed by the €56.8M during the 2018/19 campaign which was the first season of the competitions new revenue sharing plan.

Benfica could add an additional €10.6M if the club is to advance past the round of 16 to the quarter-final stage. The current earnings do not include TV revenue which is awarded at the conclusion of the season based on the value of Portugal's TV market and shared between Benfica, Sporting and FC Porto who were all participants in the group stage portion.

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