Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Benfica should look to league to fill injury

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Benfica will be looking to acquire a center back when the winter transfer window opens in January after the season ending injury to Lucas Verissimo suffered in Week 11's victory over Braga. Verissimo's loss leaves a hole in Benfica's back line which plays three center backs regularly in their starting eleven. Benfica still have current starters Otamendi and Vertonghen healthy at the moment but both players are on the wrong side of 30 and susceptible to injury. Benfica's other options are 20 year old Morato and rarely seen 24 year old Ferro which does not provide confidence if the club succumbs to more injuries on the back end.

Benfica has been linked with a loan move once again with Barcelona's rarely used center back Samuel Umtiti but the club may be wise to look at more affordable options from within the Portuguese League who are accustomed to the style of play. Two names that come to mind and look to be a good fit with the club are Pacos Ferreira's Maracas and Estoril's Lucas Africo. The two players have played in Portugal since 2019 and are key cogs in their respective clubs back line. Maracas who is 27 years old and Africo who is 26 would provide the added insurance if the club were to lose additional players from their back line for extended periods of time.

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