Monday, December 14, 2020

Benfica should give Joao Ferreira a chance at right back

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Benfica manager Jorge Jesus has still not been able to find an adequate replacement for injured starter Andre Almeida and with Almeida likely to miss the remainder of the season it is time that the Benfica manager give a regular shot to 19 year old right back Joao Ferreira. Jesus used Ferreira in the final Europa League game of the group stage and Ferreira did not look out of place in the starting eleven. A natural right back unlike Diogo Goncalves, Ferreira could bring a little consistency and defensive play that lacks with summer acquisition Gilberto. Ferreira has been with the B club since the summer of 2019 and has appeared in 24 games with the squad since then. Ferreira was a failed physical away from joining Juventus last summer as part of a deal for keeper Mattia Perin but Perin's failed physical put an end to the move. Ferreira has been a regular member of Portugal's youth system and if Ferreira is able to step into the role at right back, Benfica can then use any funds geared for the position to strengthen a midfield which has much bigger holes in January. Only time will tell if Jorge Jesus will give the youngster the minutes to see what he has in Joao Ferreira.

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