Thursday, September 17, 2020

Ruben Semedo still wants move to Benfica

Portuguese International Ruben Semedo is still pushing for a move back to Portugal to join Benfica even though the club will not participate in Champions League play this season. The 26 year old central defender has been linked with the Lisbon side for weeks but with Benfica now in sell mode, any future acquisitions look set to be put on hold until the club sorts out some of its finances with FIFA fair play rules potentially a concern for next season.
Benfica has already spent €78M on acquisitions and will need to potentially sell a couple of prized assets to get to their dollars spent. Benfica could be looking to move striker Carlos Vinicius and midfielders Franco Cervi and Florentino with the hopes of bringing in close to €80M from the sale of all three players as they look to hold onto prized asset Ruben Dias a bit longer. Jorge Jesus is leading the charge to land Semedo but the club manager and player will need to hold on just a little longer.

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