Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The breakdown of Benfica's contract termination with Lage

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Benfica and Bruno Lage have come to an agreement over the remaining time left on Lage's contract after the club and manager agreed to part ways after a poor run of form by Benfica which looks to have cost the club the league championship this season. When Lage renewed his contract in December he was signed until the summer of 2024 with an annual salary of €2M, which means that the club is on the hook for €8M in wages owed to Lage over the next four years. Benfica will continue to pay Lage his salary until he is hired by another club but the agreement states that depending on Lage's salary earned at set club, the team will pay an difference under the €2M that was agreed in December. The agreement could end up costing Benfica zero dollars if Lage who is represented by Jorge Mendes' Gestifute agency is hired by another club with an annual salary of €2M or more euro and Lage continues to earn the €2M or more over the next 4 years ending his contract with the Lisbon side. Benfica have installed assistant Nelson Verissimo as intern manager of the club as it looks to find Lage's replacement over the coming weeks.

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