Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Benfica's should look within league for central defender

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Benfica could find what they are looking for right in their own backyard when it comes to strengthening the center back spot for the club this off season. Benfica will more then likely see Ruben Dias depart and with reports coming from both Portugal and Spain, the club could also see the departure of Ferro and captain Jardel when all is said and done. Benfica have promising youngster Morato to look forward to in the future but at the tender age of 18, the young Brazilian defender is still too green to take over a regular role with the main squad. Benfica have also been linked to 23 year old Freiburg defender Robin Koch who could come with a €20M price tag and be more then an adequate starter with the club but the squad would still be short at least two defenders that they could rely on to play regular minutes.

This is were it would be wise for the club to consider shoring up these spots from within the league at a lower cost and using the valuable savings resources to acquire attacking options. The two league central defenders that look the most ready to step onto the big stage in Portugal is Braga's recent 23 year old acquisition Bruno Wilson and Rio Ave's 22 year old Toni Borevkovic, these two additions would create a competitive environment in the fight for a regular role in the clubs starting eleven. Benfica could then round out their central defender hole by re-acquiring defender Steven Vitoria from Moreirense to add a veteran presence within the squad. These acquisitions would see the club spend no more then €25M and add league experience to the promising central defender role.

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