Monday, August 3, 2020

Jorge Jesus move is official as former manager signs with club

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Jorge Jesus' has finally been announced as the next Benfica manager and will take over the reigns of the club as he "Officially" makes his return to Benfica after five years away from the club signing a two year contract. Jesus was convinced to leave Brazilian side Flamengo by current club President Luis Filipe Vieira with the promise of the club opening their purse strings and bolstering the current squad to Jesus' liking. The next week should see the club decide on who is departing via transfer and who will be loaned for next season from the current crop of players. Benfica have been linked to a flurry of players since the reports of Jesus' return to the club and have been in negotiations with several clubs and players as they attempt to strengthen the squad. Jesus is hoping that former club captain Luisao joins his current staff as an assistant as he looks to close the gap quickly between himself and the squad. The next several weeks will surely be busy for the Lisbon club as they mold the sculpture for next season.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

A flurry of moves could follow end of league season

Benfica Blog
With Benfica set to take on FC Porto in the Taca de Portugal final, it marks the end of the 2019/20 season and many are expecting a flurry of moves to be announced next week by the club with the first being the not so secret return of Jorge Jesus as the clubs manager. Jesus' return does not come without a price as Benfica get ready to splash money around for the first time in years acquiring some top talent as they look to recapture the Portuguese crown as well as make a mark in European football. Benfica have been linked to the likes of Edinson Cavani, Cebolinha, Bruno Henrique, Leonardo Cabrera and Gerson to name a few. Benfica President Luis Filipe Vieira has promised Jesus that he will have a say on who stays and who goes within the current club while adding from abroad the players that the manager seeks to strengthen the squad. Expect Benfica to announce between three to five player signings in the next ten days with a couple of those signings sending shock waves across Portugal and Europe. Benfica has also opened dialogue with many Brazilian clubs as Jesus looks to bring over some of Campeonato's better players. The summer transfer season will have the attention of many Benfica fans as they await eagerly for the good news and some relevance once again in Europe.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Benfica will launch next seasons jerseys in Taca Final

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Benfica are set for their season ending encounter against FC Porto later today in the Taca de Portugal Final, as they hope to end the season on a high note after letting the league title slip away to their arch rivals. This game is also special because Benfica have decided they will unveil next seasons jerseys in this final game for all to see instead of waiting until the start of next year.

Benfica fans have lined up the streets of Coimbra chanting Benfica songs as they let their club know they are all behind them. The Taca game will also mark the last game by intern manager Nelson Verissimo as he gets ready to hand the reigns to incoming manager Jorge Jesus.